5 Things We Are Doing During Lockdown At My Dog's Cafe & Bar

Happy New Year everyone!  It's the beginning of 2021 and we are now in lockdown for the second time around, due to covid-19.  Thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines on the way.  We thought you would like to have a quick peak into some of what we are doing with our dog cafe, during these strange, but becoming strangely familiar, times:

1) Open For Curbside Pick Up By Appointment - Right now, you can email us to order and arrange a pick up time of your dog's raw dog food order and/or dog treats.  We offer 1lb, 2lbs and 4lbs of Raw Performance.  Pick up is by appointment only.  You can email your order to: mydogscafe@outlook.com.  We offer one free 2 minute pickup parking in our middle spot just behind the dog cafe(middle spot only), off of Alexander Street.  

2) Dog Treats By The 1/2 Dozen & Dozen - We are getting requests for our dog treats.  We offer at this time: sardine cookies(also gluten free).  $15/half dozen $30/dozen.  By appointment only.  Email us your order: mydogscafe@outlook.com


3) Opening Online Store - Our online store for My Dog's Cafe & Bar is pretty much ready and we will be launching the Raw Dog Food (Raw Performance) part of it, plus our Sardine Dog Cookie this week.  You will be able to easily order them on our website for either curbside pick up or delivery.  We're so excited!

4) Dehydrated Dog Treats.  We are working on creating dehydrated dog treats.  It's a bit tougher to find the quality meat we are looking for, but we will never compromise.  Soon we will be able to offer various healthy, dehydrated meats for your dogs to enjoy!  

5) Newsletter - First the blog and now a newsletter?  Yes, that's right!  Our dog cafe newsletter will offer promotions, tips and updates. 

So that is what we are up to for a fresh new start in 2021, in a lockdown.  It's nice to feel a glimmer of excitement about something during these tough times.  We will continue to keep you posted.  Stay tuned on our blog.  Stay safe and stay healthy.  We very much appreciate your support.




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