COVID-19 Changed My Dog's Life

I remember my milestone birthday this year was the day WHO declared the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was a Wednesday.  That night, I was still able to spend an evening with a few friends at a sushi restaurant.  Friday, I still went to a friend's place for a movie/birthday night.  Sunday, my family was taking me out for my family birthday dinner.  By Sunday (actually, before Sunday), we were all looking at each other wondering what the heck we were even thinking.  By Tuesday, Canada was shut down.  

Suddenly, our world flipped and most of us all hunkered down.  If you're a frontline worker, though, I'm sure you saw your human and fur family far less.  Others got to spend endless hours with their family and pets in their homes.  Have you ever wondered how it's affected your dog?  Did your animal(s) get to see you a lot more or far, far less? Funny, I recall someone online saying how annoyed their dog was that they were suddenly at home all of the time.

My dog is the dog cafe dog, Pecan.  He even has his own Instagram account @pecanthedogcafedog.  For the last 3 plus years Pecan's been in the cafe while we worked, making many human and dog friends along the way in our dog friendly cafe.  A super social little canine, he loved being passed around the cafe getting all of the hugs and kisses he could out of each person who showed an interest.  He just loves everyone who loves him. He looks forward to seeing people as much as they look forward to seeing him.

Now, things are different for our little long haired chihuahua.  Our cafe, My Dog's Cafe & Bar, has been reopened since August 1, 2020, but only to the patio.  So, Pecan stays inside, occasionally going outside with us to say hello to guests, especially ones he knows.  

When we reopened, I can't tell you the excitement he exuded when he saw someone he knew.  He just couldn't contain himself.  He was just so happy, smiling wide like The Joker!  Now, I have to say, it breaks my heart a little.  His outbursts of excitement are far less.  He's more settled, although once in a while, he will squeal for a while when he recognizes someone.  Sadly though, Pecan has gotten use to his present way of life. 

Pecan is far from a deprived dog.  He gets a ridiculous amount of attention from his grandma and myself, but he always has.  Pecan goes by the rule that there are never enough hugs and kisses.  I know eventually this little canine goofball will get to be close with all of his friends again.  We all just need to continue to wait this one out.  I can't help but feel sad for him, at times, but I know he's a lucky dog.  Just ask any rescue dog out there.. 

How do you think your dog been handling the pandemic?                                                                                                                                                                Stay safe and hug your pets.


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  • It is so nice to see Pecan and his Mom and Grandma each week but hard not being able to give Pecan a little love. Hope he understands that we still love him and can’t wait to be able to give him hugs again.

    Heather McMillan
  • We miss Pecan too. He was always the cafe greeter and snuggler. And his birthday parties were the best. Afon misses being able to run around freely and socialize with doggy friends too. Pupcakes help. Love to our little friend and our big friends.


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