Goodbye Life Changing Year 2020!

 Things were already challenging with the road construction, the year before, on Locke Street. In 2019, we had ten months of tearing up the street, where it was just too difficult for even our most die hard guests to venture to our dog cafe. Did we imagine things could even be more challenging in 2020? I always say things can always be worse. Unfortunately, no one could have possibly forseen such tragedy.  If we had, we all could have prepared for it in some way, had we known. All of the people who lost loved ones could have prepared themselves to say goodbye and spent more precious time with them before they went into a hospital, alone, and never walked out. The government, hospitals and businesses would have had more time on their hands to prepare for this global pandemic.
Could you imagine, though, if we did know what was coming? I think of different events prior to the pandemic like Christmas time with my family and friends and at My Dog’s Cafe & Bar, Pecan’s birthday party, surrounded by people who love the little dog, or just the cold month of February, waiting for all of the good that happens in the spring when nature wakes up again. We would have certainly not believed the messenger of such a crazy scenario.
I do feel extremely lucky to not know anyone directly that has passed away from Covid-19.  I know even you reading this might not be so fortunate.  My family is so far safe and my friends and acquaintances are presently safe. I do know of someone in our dog rescue who’s brother had covid-19. We have all heard of local places that have had it. I was just in a particular grocery store about a week ago and that night on CHCH TV, they reported how that same store had an outbreak. It freaked me out somewhat for sure, but I was in and out of the store very quickly and I kept to myself. I know it can happen to any of us, so I have to continue to be extremely careful. I say I refuse to get complacent, but then I spend about 50 minutes in a grocery store getting what I needed, yesterday.  I better rethink that situation next time.  Complacency seems to be where covid-19 lies.
I really haven’t socialized in person at all since March, outside of running My Dog’s Cafe & Bar, dog cafe, along with my mom. I felt this necessary for many reasons. I’m in a bubble with my parents who I want to keep safe.  I want to stay safe for our dog cafe patrons and be able to run the cafe and I really just don’t want to get covid-19.  We've all heard only a small portion of what some of these poor souls and their families have had to endure.  No thanks.  2021 has to be better.  It will, at some point.  I just know it.  We've got this!
All the best to each and every one of you for 2021. 
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
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  • I wish you all the best. You did an excellent job in describing this past year. I too am being as careful as I can. I miss seeing people in person. When all this is over I will definitely be back to My Dog Cafe.

  • Dear Wendy and family wishing you all the best for 2021.
    We can’t wait to come and visit again. Ripley is always happy to see your cafe and treats.
    Stay safe. Xox

    Caroline Put

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