Road To Making Meaty Dog Treats

 A couple of weeks ago I bought a dehydrator for our new upcoming line of dehydrated dog treats we are going to be making at My Dog's Cafe & Bar.  I ordered the machine from a place I've dealt with before and had a good experience with. In fact, they really saved the day for us once.  An employee put our coffee filter basket on the burner one morning and walked away.  This company had a replacement, which seemed like a miracle, as no one else had this particular part number.  A small piece of very much needed $50 plastic!

I purchased the dog treat dehydrator online.  The company said it would take 5 to 6 business days for shipping, which was perfect timing for me to get things in order.  The days passed by and I received an email notice that the item was not being shipped, due to covid-19.  I got in touch with the store and they told me that they had no idea how I managed to buy this machine.  That they had decided to even discontinue the brand name.  Odd, because I exchanged messages, right before making my purchase, with one of their customer service reps, asking about the machine and if there would be duty, etc.  The representative told me there wouldn't be, as it was already right here in Canada (I believe they are in Markham, ON).  I can chalk it up to the company really getting their wires tangled.  They ended up refunding me the full amount with zero issues.  Disappointing, but things happen and I'm sure covid-19 did play a role somewhere in all of this.

Now, what to do.  I was a little concerned that I would even find another machine anytime soon, as everything I looked at was literally out of stock.  With covid-19 numbers on the rise, and a possible lockdown looming over Hamilton, what were we going to do now?  Randomly googling, I suddenly came across a really nice dehydrator with the specs I needed.  After a bit of debate (with myself) and asking for my mom's opinion, I went for it!  Another purchase online, it will be shipped directly to me by the 25th of December (Christmas Day and Pecan's birthday!).  It's a reputable company, so I'm confident they will send it within the time frame.  Fingers crossed, but this whole ordeal may have been for a reason.  This unit looks really substantial and a much hardier dehydrator than the last one.  Although, four trays shy of the previous unit, it was at least $50 cheaper.

What is my next step?  While waiting, I'm researching reputable meat suppliers for our new one ingredient dog treats.  With the help of some awesome people, I have some good leads.  Once my dehydrator arrives and I have established good suppliers, there will be many test runs on various meats and organs.  I have a feeling Pecan is going to very much enjoy this part!  Pecan is fed raw food (Raw Performance sold at our dog cafe), and the new treats go perfectly with raw fed dog food diets.

I'm so excited to get started on our new healthy treats for our canine guests!  No additives.  Just good, healthy food for your dog.  Stay tuned as I set it up!












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  • This is very exciting. With your new line of raw food line, this will be a good addition. All your dog customers will be very spoiled. No wonder they like to visit with all the yummy things you offer them!

    Heather McMillan

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