Cafe Has Gone Raw For Dogs

My little chihuahua, Pecan, is probably not the typical dog you would ever picture eating raw meals every day, but he actually does.  I had been thinking of trying him on raw for a very long time, but although I'm a cafe owner, I'm also extremely squeamish of raw meat.  I finally went for it and started him on it about a year ago.

Back in 2017, I opened My Dog's Cafe & Bar with my mom by my side.  Throughout the years, I began to spot most of the dogs that were fed raw.  On the most part, they looked sleeker, shinier, fuller, more muscular and more youthful.  I will never forget this hound that came in.  He was so gorgeous and regal.  He was full of muscle and just a really healthy looking pup.  Well, he was actually an eleven year old dog who was fed raw food.  I just knew I had to switch Pecan over to this type of food.  After all, I've told Pecan that he has to live to a healthy 30 years.

Pecan's done very well on raw.  He went from 7lbs to 8.5lbs over the last year, but he's far from overweight and he certainly wasn't underweight.  He has a decent little physique under all of that fluff.  He also seems nice and content after his meal.  I'm so happy I made this decision for him.  

So what's the food like?  There's zero fillers, additives or preservatives.  The meats are all hormone free from local farmers, except the salmon, which comes from out East. Each protein or blend is frozen in 1lb, 2lb or 4lb containers.  You can choose from pure proteins like chicken, turkey and beef or go for blends like salmon & turkey and chicken & lamb.  Most containers also come with finely ground bone and a small percentage of liver, lung, heart, kidney and spleen, all necessary for good health.  The gourmet raw blends also have a small percentage of raw veggies like spinach, kale and kelp.  I can tell you Pecan eats better than I do.

To start, raw food is available by emailing us through our website, giving us a call at My Dog's Cafe or going to our cafe.  Online ordering will be available soon.  We already have it set up on our website and we will launch shortly, so people can conveniently order through our online store.  You will be able to pick up or have free shipping within a 10 km radius for any purchases over $100.  We also offer 2 minute parking (middle spot only).

I'm less squeamish than I use to be.  Well, a little less.  If my hand touches even a spec of the raw meat, I scrub my hands with soap and water for a very long time.  Some may say way too long.  All for my little nut, Pecan, and I'm happy to do it if it will help him to live a long, happy and healthy life!





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  • Myself and five friends have been coming to the cafe since they opened in 2017. It is a great place to see all the dog parents who enjoy their dogs and love to show them off.
    We, my friends and myself meet every week and enjoy a warm cuppa and also enjoy the
    Wonderful pets that arrive for their meetings with their fur friends. They are so much like humans when they see their friends. It is quite a sight to behold. Come on down, bring your furry friends and enjoy lunch, a snack or just meet new friends for your pet, you won’t be sorry to discover this diamond on Locke Street.

    Dianne Dunn

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