What’s Next For My Dog’s Café

Hey everyone, it’s been a while.  Six months now, after the closing of our dog cafe on Locke Street, I have made some difficult decisions on what’s next for My Dog’s Café.  I am finally excited about something!  I hope you will be too.

Looking back, we enjoyed almost half a decade of so many dog friends; every size, colour, breed, rescue and age.  I mean at times, so many dogs!!  Remember our Corgi Meetups!?  That first one was especially insane!  Corgis everywhere and so many spectators.  How about those rescue events or those cold winter weekends where there were endless dogs and people packing the little joint.  I really hope many of you reading this have some great memories of your own.  I’m literally still driving around in my car that is a moving billboard for My Dog’s Cafe on Locke, which reads, “Locke Street’s Dog Cafe” in the largest letters I could possibly get on my back window.  

Alright, so now the big news.  After many months of thought and consideration, things are changing at My Dog’s Café.  2022 brings us a fresh new start and I am happy to announce we will be once again working with dogs.  We are shifting from a dog cafe to a DOG DAYCARE!!!!  I am so thrilled and looking forward to all of the fun days ahead with dogs.  We will also continue to offer raw dog food delivery along with our dehydrated treats, plus we will be adding a few more products where we see a need.  Yes!!!  Doggy Daycare here we come!

Thank you again to each and every one of you who have supported us through your incredibly thoughtful and generous donations, kind words, coming to the café through thick and thin (the patio got so cold, but there some of you were) and just being there for us.  A shoutout also to the awesome people who helped us pack up our belongings.  You helped us through our toughest times.  You all have meant so much to my mom and I and we will never ever forget. 

More details will be coming soon about our new Dog Daycare!  



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  • That’s great news Wendy! Hopefully Bertie and Billy will be able to join the daycare on some days!

    Susan Bullock
  • Good news Wendy. Best of luck organizing and setting. Hopefully we’ll get to use your services.

    Paul Johnson
  • What a neat idea. Wendy, you are full of good ideas and always looking to the future. So proud of this new adventure. Wherever you will be we will be there also. Always ready to give a hand .

    Dianne Dunn

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