What's Happening At Our Dog Cafe This Week

Happy December everyone!  We have some great updates this week that I'd really like to share with you.  From fun and exciting to being all about convenience and let's not forget the feel good holiday spirit that comes along with the month of December!



 1)  My Dog’s Cafe Dog Treats - We are so excited to finally have purchased a food dehydrator!  This has been in the works for quite a while, just like the raw dog food we now offer at the dog cafe.  My Dog’s Cafe will have our own line of dog treats and we can’t wait!  Treats that are so healthy for your beloved canine.  We will have another update soon, so watch for it!


 2)  Raw Dog Food Sizes - We've ordered our second order of raw dog food from Raw Performance Dog Food for this week.  We will now carry raw dog meat in containers that are 1lb, 2lbs and for the big eaters, 4lbs!!!  We only started offering raw dog food last week, but we’ve already had some large breed dog owners looking for the 4lbs for their big eaters.  So, ask and you shall receive!  Our dog cafe now has Raw Performance dog food in various sizes.


 3)  Movie Shoot - A movie is shooting the front of our café this week (the dog cafe will be open, as usual, to takeout window and patio).  It’s a thriller movie. Funny enough, when I spoke with them, they said that it is actually in the script that a truck would be parked outside of a dog cafe.  They were shooting across the road from us and could not believe the coincidence that a dog cafe was right there, in front of them!  Sounds like really good karma to us.


 4)  Star Sardine Cookie Giveaway - On Wednesday, December 2nd, with any purchase of raw dog food, receive a Star Sardine Cookie for your dog.  A tasty and healthy treat made with sardines, flaxseed and coconut oil that your dog will be sure to love. 


 5)  Decorating For The Holidays - If you've been to our dog cafe recently or you've walked Locke Street, you've seen our display of lights along our fence.  But, we're not done yet!  More Christmas decorations are going up.  We will continue our lights up our railings to the front door where our takeout window is and bring in a Christmas tree full of lights for our front bay window, inside.  Make sure you watch as they go up.


 6)  Open Late on Locke Every Thursday In December - The following three Thursdays Locke Street is open late, including us!  Our takeout window will be open, along with our patio until 9 pm.  Remember to dress warm and layer up. It will be some extra time to shop, eat, drink hot beverages, relax and have some fun!


 7) Parking Spot - For the month of December Parking is free on Locke.  We also now offer 2 minute parking in our middle parking spot (middle only).  If you are quickly picking up raw food, we’ve made a space for you to do that.  We know some of you will have really heavy cases to carry and we look forward to offering you this spot to make things easier.  


That's it.  That is what we are up to for now.  I'm sure I've missed a tonne of stuff, but that's all I can say for now.  We very much look forward to seeing you soon!






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