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Sitting on a beautiful 10 acres of private land with a fully fenced in yard on the outskirts of the city, as well, an air conditioned house to recharge in and take shelter in inclement weather.  

Our goal is to tailor your dog’s experience to your dog’s needs, so they get optimum enjoyment out of their stay with us.  

The style of boarding depends a lot on your dog.  This is where our home is, so there is definitely the comfort in this type of set up.  Any dog that comes here is treated as if they are our own and receives lots of snuggles and affection.  Evenings they will be either crated or in a closed off area of the home, for the night.   


A little about the owner, Wendy:


Owned the dog cafe, My Dog’s Cafe on Locke Street for 5 years. 

The founder and director of the dog rescue, Monkey Dog Rescue Canada. 

Wendy has walked and boarded many dogs over the years along with fostering rescue dogs. 

She has two dogs; Pecan the long haired Chihuahua and Mama Valentine who is Wendy’s foster fail, Neapolitan mastiff. 



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