Former Dog Cafe

We are excited to be spending our days again with your pets at My Dog’s Café Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding!!  

Before we had a doggy daycare, though, we had a dog cafe.  From February 12th, 2017 - October 15th, 2021, My Dog's Cafe was a dog cafe that connected people with dogs.  Maximizing time with your pet or enjoying being around other people's doggos in a fun, comfy setting on trendy Locke Street South in Hamilton.  Yes, this means you could actually bring your pup inside with you or onto our patio!  There was delicious food and drink for you and for your dog.  People came in to enjoy the experience with or without a furry friend by their side; a fun place for a date, getting together with friends

and family, meeting new people and making new friends or just wanting to spend time solo!  So much choice.  We had a lot of fun times and hope you did too!


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